Personality disorders

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In medicine, there is a group of disorders – “personality disorders”, which provide detailed descriptions of such and similar disturbances.

It often happens that a person is told how he is not the same like everybody else, he gets judged or people avoid communication with him…Or a person continually experiences unstable relationships, low valuation of one’s state, and problems with impulsive behaviors which originate in early youth.

People with personality disorders have extreme and maladjusted personality characteristics which cause despair and/or lead to problems at work, school or in social relationships. In addition to these, their patterns of thought and behavior differ significantly from social expectations and are so severe that can disrupt normal functioning. 

Personality disorder definition

Personality disorder is five times more likely to occur in people whose parents or siblings suffer from this disorder.  It is more often found in families where other mental health conditions exist, such as anti-socialdisorder, problems associated with alcohol or drug abuse and mood disorders such as depression.

People who suffer from peronality disorder have often survived a strong childhood trauma, such as sexual, physical or emotional violence, neglect, early loss or separation from parents. In cases when such trauma coincides with certain personality characteristics, such as severe reaction to stress or problems with anxiety, the risk of development of disorder is increased.

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