How does alcohol affect your body

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Effects of alcohol: brain, heart, liver, immune system. The effects of alcohol start changing the organism by speeding up the metabolic processes.

How Alcohol affects on the body  you can see on this picture

Depending on the genetic predisposition, previous illnesses, after alcohol affects on the body, the patient has one or more diseases from the list: 

  • Nervous system - alcohol encephalopathy (alcoholic dementia or Wernicke's syndrome, Korsakov's syndrome), psychosis,hallucinations, alcoholic epilepsy, impaired memory, insomnia, nightmares, polyneuropathy, paresis, paralysis. Head injury received in state of alcohol intoxication exacerbates alcoholism. 
  • Effects of alcohol
  • Alcohol affects on the body and the cardiovascular system - hypertension, angina, arrhythmia, risk of heart attack or stroke, alcoholic myocardiopathy, bovine  heart in case of  beer alcoholism, risk of a sudden death. 
  • Liver - alcoholic steatosis, alcoholic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, portal hypertension, hepatic encephalopathy; liver dysfunction (participation in digestive processes, in creating blood clotting factors, synthesis of proteins, vitamins, detoxification function of liver);  development of varicose veins of esophagus,  hemorrhoids; the risk of fatal bleeding; Ffuid accumulation in the abdominal cavity (ascites) to 10-12 liters. 
  • Digestive system - gastritis, ulcers, bleeding; pancreatitis with destruction of pancreas has fatality rate  up to 70%; the possibility of developing diabetes, dysbacteriosis; violation of nutritional status, malnutrition. 
  • Other organs and  systems -  immune system dysfunction; susceptibility to chronic infections; endocrine system dysfunction; reduction in testosterone and an increase in cortisol alters the appearance; broken teeth; skin loses its elasticity;  smoking cigarettes develops bronchitis and pneumonia. After 10-15 years disorders become irreversible. 

Women alcoholics who continue drinking alcohol during pregnancy give birth to the so called alcoholic fetus with gross morphological disorders: abnormal head size and ratio of body, limbs, face and cerebral parts of the skull; spherical and deep-set eyes, broad nose, recessed base of the nose, maxillary hypoplasia, shortening of tubular bones.

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