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Drug abuse help treatmentDrugs have become a plague of modern society. Since the beginning of 2000-s the first wave of prescription drug abuse (opioid analgesics such as OxyContin, Vicodin) is on the run all around the world and particularly in USA.  The problem has become so widespread  that even the stars of TV series Dr.House and Nurse Jackie are sitting on opiates. Drug abuse is getting common not only among  loosers, criminals, jaded  stars of show business. Vicodin, Roxy began to challenge the ordinary, normal people. Successful  engineers, doctors , employees increasingly become victims of drug abuse.

In Russia, a fierce battle against drugs resulted in emergence  of some kind of unbelievably monsterous drugs. Reduced supply of Afghan heroin resulted in changes on the Russian drug market. Keif (or High) now  is being extracted from anti-cough tablets, eye drops, anti-depressants. Prepared from legal components this sinister illegal mixture obtains properties of heroin but  is more powerful and cheaper than heroin.  Bills have to be paid. The  new drug is called " a crocodile". The name comes from aftermath of using the drug. “Crocodile” users  suffer from thrombosis and gangrene of the extremities, which often lead to amputation. From  2006 to 2009 number of addicts in surgical wards in Russia  increased  by 5 times.

Recently  Western Europe was hit by "spice" -  the smoking blend of exotic herbs, having powerful euphoric and  hallucinogenic effects. Teens tasted and evaluated the new product  much faster than services responsible for PAS (Psycho Active Substances) traffic control. In less than two years of free sale, the level of intoxication psychoses, injuries, suicides and suicide attempts caused by «spice” has grown up by 7 times.

Heroin abuse in Europe

Austria, Macedonia, Slovenia are all suffering from the effects of substitution  therapy for heroin. Used in harm reduction programs such opioids as Methadone, Substitol have become  free narcotics for many addicts   Violating the rules of treatment, the patients elicit higher doses, use drugs prescribed for oral administration intravenously, often exchange them for heroin. Many addicts who are  looking on methadone or substitol therapy as a way to get  narcotics free, frequently find themselves  cruelly deceived afterward when they face with withdrawal from Methadone, which instead of «usual”  5-7 days lasts almost a month and is much more harder than withdrawal from heroin.

No better situation is in Serbia.  Heroinism is getting younger. Weed, hashish among adolescents  is no longer considered as something dangerous and forbidden. A weekend at a club under influence has become a common pastime. As a consequence, often in the newspapers you can see the obituaries of young people whose death, as a rule, is a result of drug abuse.  All this brings to mind reports from the front lines about  fighting, captured or liberated territory, the number of dead.



So, is there a perfect weapon that would have stopped this war?  In any  arms race  the appearance of  effective  weapon  on one side  makes the opposite side quickly response by finding  no less effective countermeasure. The emergence of naltrexone, which effectively blocks heroin, unfortunately didn’t stop using heroin, just made the process of drug using more difficult. Methadone therapy by and large has become the impetus for the era of "medical drug”.

Increasingly the large pharmaceutical  companies make statements that "vaccine against drugs." will be created soon. It has recently become known  that only the United States National Institute  of Drug Abuse by itself simultaneously is elaborating  13 medications supposed to win drug addiction to methamphetamine and cocaine. British pharmaceutical company  "Zenon" is going to release  "anti-cocaine" vaccine in 2012, which binds the molecules of cocaine with blood proteins and on account of  enlarged molecular size prevents fixed cocaine going from blood stream to brain receptors. Launched in 2006 in Russia experiments with xenon gas as a promising tool of anesthesia and neuroprotection for  patients with brain injuries and  anoxemia  brain damage led to the startling results. Addicts, who after several months of conventional treatment still persisted maniacal desire for methamphetamine, already after 5-7 sessions with  this gas treatment  were nicely surprised to state  that their head is "clear from all follies."  In 2009 Xenon was  approved for use to relieve craving for drugs in drug addiction treatment protocols.

Addiction treatment today

If in the past pneumonia was most likely a death sentence, nowadays  it is a disease that can be successfully treated.  However, we still need x-rays, microbiological tests to confirm the sensitivity infection  to antibiotics, we have to know the correct dose of antibiotic, we have to define  duration of treatment, necessity of special inhalations.  As well as many forms of cancer, drug addiction has become a  curable disease nowadays.  Argued that the addiction treatment does not help and that  only the patient's own strong will can solve the  problem of addiction. This is a big mistake. For the first 3-5 years of addiction people are generally inclined to deny the existence of any problem. The next phase of the process is delaying and searching for the shortest and cheapest treatment,  and then the statement that nothing helped them  is followed. Of course, motivation is very  important. Nobody argues. However, it is meaningless to postpone treatment until the moment when motivation appears, when a person  physically and emotionally wilve been completely worn out . Using a case of someone's unsuccessful addiction treatment to declare that addiction is incurable disease is pure  manipulation and shifting responsibility on parents, doctors, government, aliens and etc. ... It's the nature of dependent.  Recovered  people  try as soon as possible to forget  the period of their  lives associated with drugs. They are ashamed and sorry for many  mistakes they made. People just don’t want to recall that time. For man of sense it is stupid to walk around and boast to everybody that he was cured. On contrary, a drug addict with a peculiar tendency to change reasonable behavior for empty rhetoric will be arguing  that treatment doesn’t help, because two or three of ten undergoing treatment failed. Therefore, the negative feedback on different drug forums and in the streets  always prevails.

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