Changes in personality - Effects of drug abuse

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Long term effects of drug abuse

All drugs negatively affect the parts of the brain that are responsible for emotions, impulse control and reinforcing behavior. Similar to how naturally occurring endorphins sustain positive activities such as sex exercising or enjoying a good meal, the euphoria caused by drug use sustains addictive behavior. Shortly after use the drugs suppress feeling of pain, stress or anxiety, give the use a feeling of inner comfort.  As soon as these pleasurable effects gone the brain starts craving  for this artificial state of well-being again and again. The reward system in the brain  is chemically rewired to replace the certain patterns of volitional mechanisms and personality with a need for the drug of choice.  As a result of a long term effect of drug abuse all addicts experience a transformation of personality. The effects of drug abuse, such allaxis are obviously adverse. Drug or alcohol addiction inevitably results in drastic changes of personality of the user, causing negative differences in his attitude and outlook.

Over time, drug abusers become secretive, unreliable, dishonest. They refuse to say where they were or what they did or lie about it. Struggling  to control the temper, they  easily become angry or even violent.

Other signs of drug addiction

The other signs of personality changes in case of drug addiction include: frequent mood swings, impaired family relationships, loss of interest in former activities and responsibilities, poor school and work performance, decreased productivity, forgetting important dates and events, neglecting old friends and family, spending more time with other drug abusers. Changes in weight, impaired sleep patterns, tearfulness, apathy, disregard for appearance are the signs of depression.

Alcoholics and drug addicts often alienate themselves from other people to hide their addiction problems.

Drug users often seem like two different people when they are using and when they are not. Pretty soon they become unrecognizable from the people they were before they started with drugs.

Family members and close friends are often the first ones who pay attention to personality changes that may indicate an addiction on drugs.

Drug addiction is a serious disease. The sooner it will be medically addressed the better prognosis for recovery.

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