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Alcoholism (alcohol addiction) is a chronic, progressive, physical, mental and social disease.

Alcoholism, alcohol addictionJournal of the American Medical Association defines alcoholism as the primary chronic disease characterized by losing control over alcohol consumption, developing addiction to alcohol despite negative consequences, and distortion of thinking process.

Alcoholism is a disease that develops slowly and steadily  progressing remains  invisible for others and for the patient himself for a long time. 

Chronic alcohol addiction

Chronic alcohol addiction means that still there is not complete recovery from this disease once and forever. For example,  a person stopped drinking alcohol and lives healthy decent life for many years without any difference from the other non addicted to alcohol people. But if one day this man wants to take alcohol even in a small amount,  very soon he inevitably returns to the stage of alcohol addiction at which he stopped many years ago.

Progressive means that over time the mental and physical condition worsens, and at some point changes in a body become irreversible. 

Physical means that excessive long-term alcohol consumption leads to disruption of metabolism and appearance of the so-called alcohol-associated diseases. The most common of these diseases are toxic hepatitis, damage of nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Mental means negative changes in personality, loss of interests, inability to achieve the objectives. Alcohol becomes the only important thing. Because of that alcoholics are willing to sacrifice their own health, career and peace of loved ones for the sake of alcohol. Destruction of willful mechanisms leads to psychological instability, mendacity and manipulation. Endless promises to stop drinking are never carried out.

Social. Drinking man suffers not only himself, but makes his family suffer. Constant tensions, unsuccessful attempts to control the alcoholic, disappointment, anger, conflicts among family members form so called co-dependence of close relatives of an alcoholic.

Disease. Modern methods of research (neurochemical, positron emission tomography) have convincingly proved the difference between the brain of an addict and that one of a healthy person. Alcohol, drugs, psychoactive substance disrupt the endorphin brain system. An individual experiences a constant biological need to be intoxicated.

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