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Special Addiction Treatment Clinic Dr. Vorobiev in Belgrade was established in May 2007.
All hospital activities are approved and monitored by Health Care Ministry of Republic of Serbia and the other government agencies.
The hospital is part of an international network of clinics Dr. Vorobiev.  The first clinic was opened in the resort town of Pyatigorsk in southern Russia 18 years ago. Now in Russia there are 4 clinics in Rostov, Krasnodar, Pyatigorsk, and Moscow. New branch was open in Mexico in 2009.  Consultation center operates in UAE since 2008 and at the moment preparations for the opening the clinic are taken.
Clinic in Belgrade is specialized in treatment of all types of dependence. Basically, we treat patients who suffer from addiction to opioids. About 70 percent of our patients are heroin users. However, in recent years have increasingly encountered cases of abuse of methadone, tramadol, substidolom, analgesics containing codeine, OxyContin, Subutex. About 10 percent of the total number of patients uses combination of several substances. The most common drug cocktail is combination of heroin + benzodiazepines, heroin + cocaine, opioids + benzo + marijuana. There are also exotic cases such as abuse of inhalants (glue, gasoline, and solvents), use of poppy tea, hallucinogenic mushrooms, crack cocaine. About 30 patients of our addiction treatment clinic were treated for pathological gambling. In addition to treatment for chemical addiction the clinic also offers psychiatric care: treatment for depression, neuroses, panic attacks, emotional trauma, stress disorders. Few people searched for help at our clinic to control their need for food, shopping, time spent at the computer. These obsessive conditions are so-called behavioral addictions, or behavioral disorders (non-chemical addiction). The clinic also has a program for correction of codependency and family psychotherapy.

Addiction Treatment Clinic BelgradeClinic is staffed by specialists from different countries. In addition to Russian and Serbian doctors who work at the clinic on regular basis there are also experts from the UK, USA, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Germany hired by clinic for certain occasions. All specialists regularly participate in international medical conferences.

The addiction treatment clinic uses the latest advances and technologies in modern medicine for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Each patient is treated individually; scheduled treatment program is based on the results of the diagnosis, the psychological tests and the results of urine tests for drug presence.

The main principles of drug treatment offered by our clinic are:

  • Accomplished diagnosis before the drug treatment;
  • Comfortable, painless detoxification;
  • Correction of the effects caused by drug abuse;
  • Drug craving relief;
  • Pharmacological stabilization of the main psychological processes: sleep, mood, volitional mechanisms,
  • Concentration, as well as prevention of nervousness, aggression, uncontrollable behavior, drug compulsions.
  • Normalization of metabolism and immune reactivity;
  • Formation of new patterns of behavior, adaptation to sobriety after the drug treatment;
  • Formation of the psychological mechanisms of protection against relapse (including hypnosis);
  • Pharmacological blockade, which makes drug use impossible.


  • Partnership with the patient and his family, working-out the individual programs.
  • Possibility at any time to report on patient`s condition and get an advice in case of exacerbation  of stress, craving for drugs or depression.

Drug treatment helpIn addition to our experience, knowledge, technology, advances in modern addiction medicine, we also strongly believe that respectful attitude to the patient is essential and always sincerely try to help him.  Our patients see and appreciate it. Quite often they visit the drug addiction clinic as friends.

Every time receiving congratulations on New Year or other holidays we are very pleased to see the result of our work and happy to share  the successes of our patients. Many people from Russia, America, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Montenegro found help at our drug addiction clinic. For these people drugs, alcohol, casino became their past once and for good.

Our address is 11080 Belgrade, Zemun Sremskih boraca 2E
Phone +44 330 777 1482

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